Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to have to register for an online banking?

You will need the following information:

  • Current personal information including: Name, address, phone (W & H), date of birth, social security number, checking account number, and amount of last deposit.
  • A Checking account in good standing.
  • Internet access and secured browser that is set up to accept “cookies”.
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher.
  • Monitor resolution set to a minimum of 800 x 600

How much will it cost me to have an online account?

The basic online service is free for our customers.

What happens if I forget my Internet Banker password?

You are allowed 3 attempts to enter your PIN / password. On the third attempt, if invalid, you will be locked out of the system. Prior to the third attempt, you may select “forgot password”. Internet Banker will then ask you the secret question you selected when you auto enrolled. If you answer your secret question correctly, Internet Banker will email your password to you. If you had to manually enroll or you forgot your secret question as well, you must call the Internet Banker Administrator or toll free number Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. thru 5:00 p.m.

If I am a new customer, what should I do to apply for an online account?

New online banking customers will have access to the Internet Banker system. Bill Pay will not be available until the account meets the following conditions:

  • Customers have had their account(s) open and current with for at least 60 days
  • There must not be any account abuse present in the last 60 days (NSF, Overdraft, etc.)
  • All personal information; Name, Address, Phone (W & H), Date of Birth, and SSN, all need to be updated with any changes (if necessary) before having transfer and Bill Pay capability.

What accounts can I view online?

You can view any active account on which you are the primary owner. If there are some accounts that you don’t want to view on-line, or would like to give another account holder permission to view, visit the Bank office to adjust your enrollment.

How would I benefit from having an online account?

It is safe, convenient, and easy to have an online banking account. Customers will have 24/7 access to their accounts, transfer funds, reorder checks, and view/print statements. Also, there is a bill payment system online called CheckFree where the customer can pay all of their bills online-check free.

How safe is online banking?

The information on the site is only made available to the customer. There are several layers of security to ensure that the customer is protected such as:

  • Encryption: prevents others from reading your information as it passes over the Internet.
  • Firewalls: prevent hackers from entering the site
  • Each customer has a unique User Name and Password. The bank does not have access to your password. If a customer should lose their password, they will have to re-register their online account for their safety.
  • If you have not done any activity on the website for several minutes the service will automatically log you out and you will have to re-enter your user name and password.

What can I do to protect my account information while I am on the Internet Banker banking web site?

  • NEVER give your online banking password to anyone.
  • When you are done using the online banking service, exit the service by selecting “Log Out”.
  • Don’t pick a password that is easily guessed, and change your password regularly.
  • Don’t write down your password. Memorize it if possible. If you need to write it down, don’t write it in a public place, and keep it where no one but you can find it.

When is online banking information updated?

Many transactions are available as soon as they are posted online, such as cash withdrawals, account transfers, etc. However, current balance and history items are updated every night.

If I register my account online, will I still receive a statement in the mail?

Yes. Statements will continue to be sent as scheduled.

When reading “Current Information” (by selecting Details from Balance Inquiry) on my checking or savings account what is the difference between ‘Current’ and ‘Available’ balance?

Current balance- is your balance at the completion of the previous day’s business. This balance does not include any transactions that might have occurred on the current day’s business.

Available balance- is your withdrawable balance as of that day’s business. This balance will include any transactions that might have posted on that day’s business. *For withdrawal purposes, the Available balance is the balance you will need to reference.

What accounts can I transfer money to and from?

You can transfer money between any current Checking, Savings, and Money Market account. *Please note that with Money Market accounts you are limited to 6 pre-authorized withdrawals or transfers a month, three of which can be checks. However, any account that requires 2 or more signatures to make withdrawals cannot be considered for online account transfers.* In addition, you can transfer funds between your deposit accounts and loan accounts that have transfer capability. You may need to call us to set up this transfer capability.

Are there limits on the number of transfers I can make?

The only limitation on transfers would be transferring to or from Money Market accounts and Passbook savings accounts, which have a 6 withdrawal or pre-authorized transfers per month limitation. *Please refer to the on-line user agreement when you register your account.

When will my transfer take place?

Your transfer will be reflected in your available balance immediately. Check the available balance after the transfer to verify the transfer took place.

I have an account with another local bank; can I transfer money from my other bank to your bank?

No. You cannot transfer funds to and from another financial institution through online banking.

What ‘browsers’ does Internet Banker support?

We support Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. We recommend the most current version of the browser. The browser must be Javascript enabled and support 128-bit encryption and the ability to accept cookies and third party cookies.

What are “cookies”?

Cookies are messages given to a Web browser by a Web server. The browser stores the message in a text file called cookie.txt. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.

Why does the system tell me my browser is set up to “Not Accept Cookies”?

Your browser is set to refuse cookies. In order to log on, you will need to reset the option in your browser to accept them. Please refer to your browser’s HELP section.

Why do I need to “enable cookies”?

In order for to assure we have a secure connection established with you, we need to know who you are at all times. “Cookies” allow us to provide a secure connection.

How do I “enable cookies”?

Please refer to your browser’s HELP section.

Why can’t I access your site from work?

You may be attempting to access the Internet from within a firewall. Your employer may restrict your access to the Internet. You will need to contact your Network administrator if you are experiencing problems while you are at work.

How do I contact customer service?

Select “Contact Us” on online web site. This option will give you the choice to email a customer service representative at the bank or contact us by phone or mail.

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