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The year was 1889 – Benjamin Harrison was President of the United States, the Eiffel Tower was opened in Paris, the Wall Street Journal was first published, and The Pemberton Medicine Company (later the Coca-Cola Company), was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia.

In Scott County, Indiana, the Scottsburg Building and Loan Association was incorporated and its first home mortgage was extended. Scottsburg Building and Loan Association was officially chartered on August 8, 1889, making it the oldest financial institution in Scott County. The Association was formed to meet the need of providing financing for the building of homes in the then small, but growing Scott County area.

The financial services industry has undergone many dramatic changes since – the addition of new products, mergers, takeovers, name changes, and more. These changes have had an impact on the way we operate at Scottsburg Building and Loan as we have always tried to stay up-to-date in our customer services.

Only a few institutions can look back to over a full century of uninterrupted service to the community. We are proud that we can still say “Peace of Mind since 1889.”


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